Guild Info

Life in AL – To enjoy a game with like minded folks, have fun and enjoy each others company.
See our Guild Rules and Ranks for more information.

Quick Definitions for Life in Anduin’s Legacy:

Loyalty as a member: As a member of the guild you should at all times act in a respectful way during game play. You are a direct reflection of AL and should act accordingly while wearing our tag. If you are caught not doing so you will be asked to leave.
Loyalty as a raider: The goals of the guild should be a first consideration. This does not mean your gaming experience shouldn’t be a primary concern, however, you signed on to be part of the family and our needs and goals must be collective. Loyalty means you are team minded and do what you can for the efforts of the team. If you feel you don’t want to be part of the team goals anymore, it is completely understood but you will have to move on.
Reliability: Real Life is more important than WoW, and our main motto, but when you commit yourself to something for the guild, your word should be trustworthy. Reliability comes in many forms: signing up for a raid, helping a fellow member out, or simply logging in for crafting. Someone else is counting on you; therefore, it is your responsibility to be reliable and communicate if you can not be there to follow through on something. We know things get in the way, so just make communication your priority.
Communication: No one person will ever be 100% satisfied with the game, the people in the guild or the choices the guild makes. It is the nature of things; however, if you do not communicate your thoughts, feelings and/or ideas on the issues, we can not help. Communication is essential in all forms, whether interacting with officers, raid leaders or fellow members. Contact should be respectful at all times. Airing petty grievances you may have that are personal squabbles are exactly that – personal. We are all adults here and should be able to handle those types of situations on our own through mature communication with each other or agreeing to disagree. If things were to escalate to an unhealthy nature, then the situation falls under the Drama category and that is when officers should be informed.
Drama: There is a NO DRAMA policy in AL. We log in to play and enjoy a game with like minded folks. You are not being asked to like every single person in the guild; however, it is necessary that you behave in a mature and respectful manner. Anyone caught causing drama in any form through an act either in private or in public against (1) a member, (2) a non-member, or (3) another guild will be asked to leave.
Not maintaining Loyalty, Reliability and Communication or inciting Drama, WILL make people feel betrayed and hurt your chances in being a successful member of AL.