Guild Rules

The following rules apply to everyone in Anduins Legacy. No one is exempt from them including the officers, senior officers and the guild leader! Below are the core rules Anduins Legacy was built upon. By living up to each and every one of these we have managed to build a well respected and close guild that we are all proud to be members of. Let’s continue to grow on the same path.

* Real life is always more important than the game. No one will ever be looked down on for not spending every spare moment playing WoW.

* Respect ALL of your fellow guild mates, regardless of rank. It is a group effort that makes a guild successful and a place we all want to be, not just the leadership.

* Integrity and maturity is expected. No one is here to baby-sit anyone else. We will not tolerate childish tantrums or other such behavior. Instead we will remove you from our guild.

* Loyalty is expected. If you’re not happy with us, that’s fine, just be honest and move on.

* Be helpful, not arrogant. It’s great to meet players with a lot of WoW knowledge, but it’s annoying to be made to feel inferior because of it. Offer helpful suggestions, but do not lord over others.

* Give to the guild freely. Your guild mates are not here to make you rich. If you have something you’d like to share, share it. If you need the money, put it on the auction house.

* Greed has no place here. We are all here to help each other, not just ourselves. Give and receive in turn with both your time and material things.

* Give notice of your absences. Real life tosses us a curve every now and then, we understand. Please let us know when you’ll be away for long periods of time or else we remove you for inactivity if you are gone for more than a year.

* Adhere to the EULA. Exploits and cheats are not tolerated by Anduins Legacy. We believe in fair and honest play.

* Harassment is not acceptable. Derogatory comments referring to race, gender, sexual or political orientation, etc. will not be tolerated in neither guild nor public chat.

* Uphold the honor of the guild at all times. Anduins Legacy is a well respected guild and its members should behave accordingly. Anyone found tarnishing our reputation with their behavior will be cleansed from our ranks. There may be many other players on the server who don’t behave as we’d like, but we choose to lead by example rather than revel in the trash.

* Respect the decisions of your leaders. The officers and leader of Anduins Legacy make decisions together in the best interests of the guild as a whole. If you have a serious doubt about a decision, please bring it to an officer for explanation without causing drama in guild chat.


We highly encourage our members to group with one another to foster the closeness and camaraderie of the guild. Keep in mind that the people who help you may call upon your help one day and vice versa. We are here to not only further our own characters, but to help improve those of our guild mates as well. A guild cannot function as individuals, so it must run smoothly as a selfless and cooperative effort of all involved. We do not expect our members to ignore any plans they may have had ingame, and certainly not in real life, nor will we ever force anyone to help others in the guild, but we do expect a moderate level of helpfulness from them in the spirit of guild progression.

It is easier to coordinate instance runs if planned previously. Our forums are a great place to do so. Initiative goes a long way.


Crafting for guild mates is to be done free of charge at all times; no money should ever exchange hands for any service provided by a fellow guild mate. Bartering is acceptable however.

Should the crafter have the materials available to make whatever is being requested and would like to use them, they are encouraged to. If they do NOT have the materials handy or do not choose to use their stock, the crafter will give the person requesting the item made a list of materials needed and it will be left up to that person to either buy the materials off the auction house or gather them themselves.

At no time should any fee be charged to a guild member for assembling the materials into an item.

Guild Bank

Items in the guild bank may be requested in Guild Bank Forums.

No Drama Policy

Anduins Legacy prides itself on being filled with mature and fun players. We realize sometimes fun can go a little too far, however. Should you find yourself offended by a guild mate or any other issue, please do your best to resolve the problem calmly and rationally in a tell. If the problem persists, bring it to the attention of an officer to be settled.

Should we find a member causing regular to constant problems in our ranks, they will be removed. Petty squabbles can easily divide a guild if not handled quickly and properly. This is something we will not let happen to Anduins Legacy.