Guild Application Information

Please note that sometimes this can be a slow process. We all have real life jobs and can’t always give guild invitations our top priority. We promise to get to your request as soon as we are able. Being a member of AL is worth the wait!

Recruiting and Membership

Anyone seeking membership with Anduin’s Legacy MUST fill out an application! Don’t worry, it’s short and sweet (see Apply Here sub page). There are members designated who will review the applications and, if no objections are made , the applicant will be contacted in-game. It is possible that we will ask questions or request you to group with members before making our decision. Once a decision is made you will be contacted, however, it’s never a bad thing to seek us out to speed up the process.

If an application is denied, the applicant will receive an in-game mail from an officer stating the reason(s) why.

If an officer or the leader removes someone from the guild, it is because they have grievously broken one or more of the rules found on this forum. Respect and trust the decision of the officers to remove the person and know it is not something done lightly in Anduin’s Legacy.

Should you decide Anduin’s Legacy is not the guild for you and you would like to remove some of your characters to another guild, we ask that you take all characters guilded with us out as well. This does not mean that we no longer consider you a friend, it simply means that we want our ranks to be filled with people who truly want to be with us and actively help us reach our goals.