On Raiding

On Raiding…
All of Anduin’s Legacy Raids will be hosted on The WoW Calendar (or sometimes Open Raid) by our Raid Leaders.
Currently: Mogley – Early Raids and Dur – Late Night Raids.
Visit the calendar or our Open Raid Guild Page for more information about days and times.
Those wanting to be part of the raiding experience should sign up on either the calendar or in Open Raid, and adhere to any AL raiding rules or of that forum.
1: Being Prepared
For any raid you are attending, you are expected to be repaired, have reagents, pots (elixirs or flasks), and buff food, in order to help the run succeed. Your gear must also have appropriate gems and enchants. This ensures everyone is contributing fully to the raid.
2: Timeliness
Any person signed up and slotted for a raid is expected to be on time or at the very least communicate with the raid leader regarding their absence. We understand things happen, but if you repeatedly fail to communicate, understand you may be replaced or not allowed to join future runs. This also includes working hard to be at the instance for the start of invites. Communication is key and allows the raid leader to start the raid on time. Logging on to vent is another source that can help you communicate with the Raid Leader, even if you are not in game.
3: Accountability
It’s all about being accountable for your actions. If you sign up for a raid, people are counting on you to be there. Persons not showing up regularly and/or communicating with their raid leader and/or fellow raid members, will not be allowed into a raid until they can exercise some consideration for their fellow raid members and leaders.