Guild Ranks

Our ranking system is very simple and all guild members regardless of rank are expected to follow the rules that we have laid out. Remember that we are looking for Quality in our members not quantity. We want to continue to host a place for good people to enjoy the game and each other in a mature, fun environment.

– When someone gets invited to join the guild they are given this rank. This is so both the new member and the existing members a chance to get to know one another and make sure that Anduins Legacy is the guild for them. In order for an Initiate to be promoted to Member they must hold the Initiate rank for at least 3 months. Note that it is the initiate’s responsibility to see that they are promoted to member, as the officers don’t always get to the admin portion of the guild regularly. We encourage Initiates to participate in guild chat and sign up for and participate in the guild discussion forums on the website, as well as all guild activity.Guild Mascot – This special little title is reserved for our very animated players.

Guild Grandpa – Special rank made for Goamer, who has more than put in his time to be deserving of the title. R.I.P. Goamer, we miss you!

Member – This rank is the core of the guild. They have passed through the Initiate rank and hopefully have gotten to know a good percentage of the people in Anduins Legacy and understand and are comfortable with the way the guild works. Members should be active in the guild and frequent this website periodically. Members have read the rules and have been following them for the entire time that they have been with the guild.

Veteran – Once a member has been with Anduins Legacy for at least 1 year and has shown they can be helpful to others and very active within the guild, he or she is promoted to the rank of veteran. Veterans have been here long enough to know and help out others in the guild, answer questions and participate in guild events when able. They should frequent the forums to at least keep up on what’s going on.

Honored Veteran – Honored Veterans are some very special people who help out the guild more frequently and in “above and beyond” ways. They are very active within the guild. These people regularly participate in guild events and are very active in guild chat as well as this website. Honored Veterans are great examples of what Anduin’s Legacy is about.

Officer – These folks have been nominated and voted on unanimously by the other Officers, Senior Officers and the Guild Leader. Officers are held to a very high standard and are responsible for inviting new members and serve the guild by volunteering to help out others when they are able. They also are responsible for helping settling disputes and can remove members if necessary. Officers typically put the needs of the guild before themselves and are expected to represent the by being an example of what we stand for. Officers are expected to be respectful of everyone in the guild and outside of it and never cause dissension within the guild. They uphold the overall reputation of Anduins Legacy in the Aggramar community. Officers must be able to work together in helping the guild and understand the purpose of the guild by never putting themselves above the guild. Officers are part of the leadership of the guild and are expected to be completely loyal to Anduins Legacy. If an officer is found to not be supportive of the guild and the leadership or disloyal then they will be either demoted or removed from the guild.

Senior Officer – Holds a slightly higher rank than Officer, although they have the same responsibilities. They are available for support and act as second in command when the Guild Leader or Co-Guild Leader is unavailable.

Guild Leader and co-Guild Leader – Their primary responsibility is to support the Officers and Senior Officers and provide leadership to the guild by keeping the guild true to its founding principles. The Guild Leader and co-Guild Leader place absolute trust in the Officers and Senior Officers, and yet do not have absolute power. The Guild Leaders act as guides and only over-ride decisions when it is absolutely necessary. The true vision behind the leadership of Anduin’s Legacy is that it is lead collectively by the team of officers, regarding input from all its members and is not considered a monarchical society.